application allows you to block websites

block inappropriate material to protect your children

BLKSite v2 is the simplest and most efficient application, it will help protect your loved ones INAPPROPRIATE content broadcast on the net (pornography, violence, racism, hate, ect .. terrorism). How? By blocking access to sites that YOU will judge ininterressant, dangerous or unsuitable. BLKSiteV2 is: - Quick and easy to master interface, enter the address of the site you want to block, then click on block and voila. - It is software available to everyone, no computer knowledge needed to use Blksite v2- This is an access to the interface which is protected by a password. - It's as explain above can block sites by entering their addresses one by one and this without any limites.- It is also possible to use the thumbnails for your suggestions put provisions by the creators to lock in one-click access to popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter ... etc.



Blksite 2